We The Brave
What does it mean to be brave in the face of challenges? To stand up for what you believe in? We'll do our best at the Free Library of Philadelphia to answer these questions, leading up to February 19th, and on into the future...
If We Must Die, poem by Brittany C., Philadelphia

If we must die
Let us not walk in shame
Don’t let us fall on our knees in front of the Kings, Queens, Prince and Princess
Don’t let death take us without a fight
Beat us with sticks, chains, and whips
Let us stand and fight with pride and glory.
If we must die, let us die with dignity
Don’t leave me surrounded by four walls and watch darkness fall upon my eyes.
Even though we are out numbered let my Fathers, Mothers, Brothers and Sisters fight for their freedom and rights.
If we must die
You shouldn’t let us walk straight to our graves, without letting us speak our minds.
If we must die
Let us not die like animals being slaughtered.

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