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Forever Fearing Faliure, poem by Andre R., Philadelphia

Forever fearing Failure

In life there’s something
I want to become,
Jumping and ducking
through everything that would hinder me so it’s plain to see

I’m working hard so one day I can escape my poverty and these hunger pains…. can no longer bother me

The smell so sweet from success
got me trippin to possess, so I never take time to rest And all I do is distress my moms
and my Ex
cause I’m never around
Wanna see dre?
Sorry he’s outta town

To my family it’s like
I’m a ghost
always doing some event or program

so they probably lost hope in me Never took time to apologize This ambition got me blind
to what I compromised…

This desire to succeed
got me cutting people off that love me making me depressed
Damn what a lonely life I lead…

My own mama told me one day I’ll grow up and may neglect my seeds…

I been on this stern route
but I know I been working myself weary pray I don’t become a burn out.

What’s the reason to believe I can succeed

When I’m gaining status and losing family?

My Ex girlfriend asked me what’s more dear to me?

Her and my family? Or
These programs?

My lack of an answer disgusted her so she doesn’t want to stand near me

Please Lord don’t let me lose those people that love me
in the midst future

If you won’t let it happen I’ll be more than glad to stay true to ya..

Everyone wonders why
what they saying isn’t reaching me even with all moms yelling
but I ain’t tell her

I’m just forever fearing failure..

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