We The Brave
What does it mean to be brave in the face of challenges? To stand up for what you believe in? We'll do our best at the Free Library of Philadelphia to answer these questions, leading up to February 19th, and on into the future...
  1. Philadelphia based musical collective (@astrosteezpcp). A musical collective that came together because FrOz (@moonraptor) and Pablo Valentin (@Pablosteezgod) came together and decided to create an eclectic collective of artists 3 years ago. As time flew by, the way everyone who is presently in it now was picked was somewhat like a drafting.The Four Horsemen are FrOz, Face (@Dirtyzapdos), Drew (@Drewmillls_) and Del (@DeldfA). They also have a videographer that goes by the name Kash Jones (@kashjetson) and A producer/DJ Abbreviated daylight (@honorarynasty). With such a nicely sized collective names can be hidden in the mist because of the informality. Not with ASPCP it is clear when they get on a track as to who is who because they all used their own musical dynamic to create.

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